girl eating mediterranean food from a bowlOne of the most sought-after diet plans nowadays is the Mediterranean diet plan. For very good reason, of course.

People today are becoming more and more conscious about their health and well-being. There are many changes that society is undergoing right now- modern technology, new discoveries and many more- but no matter what these changes are, we should always put a priority on our health.

All About Your Mediterranean Diet Plan

Mediterranean diet plans are based on the traditional eating habits of the people living along the Mediterranean Sea.

This diet is mainly composed of vegetables, dried beans, whole grains, seeds and nuts. Olive oil plays a very big part of the Mediterranean diet plan – you’ll know more about that later. Another good thing about this diet is that while most diets would prohibit alcohol and the likes, the Mediterranean diet plan actually encourages taking a glass of red wine every now and then.

But basically, this diet involves fresh and unprocessed food.

If you do decide to take on a Mediterranean diet, you should be aware that this is not for meat lovers (unless of course, you’re up to the challenge). This diet plan is best for fish lover or those who enjoy vegetables and unprocessed food. Some red meat from time to time but not daily and never without vegetables at the same sitting!

Creating your own Mediterranean diet plan is quite easy. It is also a very healthy diet so you have nothing to worry about. In fact, recent studies have shown that this diet helps lower your risks for heart diseases and cancer. The Mediterranean diet plan is also a good and effective way to shed some pounds.

Of course, if you have some existing medical conditions, you should check with your doctor first to make sure that your new diet won’t cause any problems in the future.

Creating Your Mediterranean Diet Plans

When it comes to sticking and creating your very own Mediterranean diet plans, there is really one golden rule:

if it’s fresh and unprocessed, eat it. 

Now, of course, there are some days when you should indulge and sneak in some meat into your diet- just keep it all in moderation.

Remember when I told you that extra virgin olive oil plays a big part in Mediterranean diet plans? Well, aside from the fact that the Mediterranean people (specifically Greeks) incorporate olive oil into a lot of their dishes, recent studies suggest that olive oil decreases your chances to acquiring heart diseases or cancer.

Statistics also show that residents of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea have longer life expectancy rates than most people – all 16 countries!

So yes, you could imagine just how important, helpful and healthy extra virgin olive oil is.

I guess it goes without saying that when it comes to creating Mediterranean diet plans, you’ll need to integrate extra virgin olive oil in it.

How to Create Your Own Menu

Nonetheless, here are some quick tips to make sure your Mediterranean diet plans are correct.

Breakfast: Think of whole grains, fruits and nuts. Being your first meal of the day, you should think of food that is fresh and unprocessed. This would include non-fat milk or some Greek yogurt. You should also consider cheese and eggs. Pancakes (not the ready-to-cook batter mix) are also a fun idea, just mix it up with some fruits and maple syrup.

Lunch: For your lunch, the number one meal to consider is a fresh bowl of salad. This is very easy to prepare and is perfect for those who are on the go. For your salad, you can just put in a little dash of olive oil and some chicken.

Snacks: Of course, the best option to consider, and for you to keep with your Mediterranean diet plans, would be good full bowl of fruits. Just slice up some fruits, add some honey or nuts and that would make for a perfect Mediterranean snack. If you don’t have fruits ready though, whole grain crackers and some cheese or hommus dip.

Dinner: Typically, Mediterranean diet plans aren’t really that much different from “normal” food. You can have pasta, chicken and fish in this diet. The main and most important distinction though comes in the preparation and processing. Now, for you dinner, you can enjoy a good plate of tomato sauce (use only the freshest ingredients) and the best part? You can enjoy it with a glass of wine.

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PS. If you read all of this article then you’re on the right track. Keep it up.