People know no rest when it comes to work. Even when they are in their homes they tend to juggle their jobs with their household chores. Electronic organizers and virtual assistants supposedly will help them stay on track.  Stress attacks seem imminent. However, none of these technological aids will answer the school principal inquiries about the repeated absences of your eldest son nor will it change your baby’s diaper while you’re on the highpoint of clinching a deal in a telephone conversation with a customer from Japan.

Enter stress. You are overloaded with your demanding, straining and routine day to day activities that you decide to have time away from except you will be leaving your responsibilities behind and you’re not keen on that. People commonly recommend stress pills or professional advice from a psychiatrist but this does not come cheap, and may help develop more stress attacks.

Interestingly, there is an easy and yummy way to help control your stress attacks. You already know where I’m going with this… wait until we get to the research.

The Mediterranean diet is well liked nowadays by most people for its healthy benefits and equally impressive, the current research indicating its potential to control stress.

The Healthy Stress Attack Remedy

Mostly, large servings of vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads, cereals, beans, potatoes and seeds define a Mediterranean diet. Although the diet uses fat, extra virgin olive oil and fish oils are the mainstays with some dairy products  in low to moderate helpings. The diet rarely uses red meat. Poultry and more often fish are the main meat elements in the diet. Low to moderate amounts of wine consumed occasionally completes the healthy diet.

Dr. Miguel A. Martinez-Gonzales, who chairs the department of preventive medicine at the University of Navarra, stated in his study that fish and olive oil (which are frequent in the diet) improve the function of the brain. This gradually helps develop resistance against stress attacks which, might lead to depression and worse, heart problems.

His study, reported in the Archives of General Psychiatry, October issue, showed the benefits fish and olive oil can give to enhance the performance of the brain. Extra virgin olive oil has the positive effect of improving the bond of serotonin to its receptors. As he stated, “serotonin is a key neurotransmitter in depression”. Likewise, fish has Omega-3 fatty acids that boost the function of the central nervous system. You can also see more articles here  on disease prevention with the mediterranean diet

The Next Step

The Mediterranean diet provides many positive effects on our health and it greatly affects our outlook on daily life. It boasts many vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables and shuns the regular diet of red meats and junk foods that can bring heart problems and other health dilemmas. People of all ages can eat the Mediterranean diet, and starting now would be wise.

Building your body from a healthy diet provides you the nutrition to combat stress and help control stress attacks. With your brain fully functional and with a fit body, you are better prepared to take whatever challenges come your way.

The Mediterranean diet wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg because it is made up of the basic foods found in most supermarkets. They are easy to prepare and the diet is tasty.

Start your day with breads and fruits and a glass of juice, tea or water. One or two expresso coffees a day shouldn’t hurt either. Have a lunch of grilled fish with salad on the side sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil. Eat small portions of lean meat in your dinner (if you must have red meat) but with large serving of sautéed legumes and vegetables. Cap the night with a glass or two of red wine. Go on, savour this healthy diet with your family and have fun.