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Keeping your skin healthier and younger-looking without breaking the bank can be possible – especially if you follow some time-tested olive oil skin care tips discussed in this article. Yes, olive oil can do wonders for your skin, as people in ancient Greece have always known. Are you ready to learn about these age-old beauty secrets? Okay then, let’s start.

Olive Oil Skin Care Tips

How can olive oil help promote a more radiant and youthful-looking skin? Here’s how:

Olive oil can help moisturize your skin. Did you know that you can use olive oil to keep your face and body moisturized? When applied directly to the skin, olive oil creates an effective barrier that traps the moisture in. For best results, try applying extra virgin olive oil to damp skin or you can try mixing it with some lemon juice for a more refreshing feel. As compared to most lightweight skin care products, olive oil takes longer to be absorbed by your skin but the results are surely well worth it.

You can use olive oil to exfoliate your skin. Simply mix olive oil with some sea salt and you have an inexpensive yet effective body scrub that can effectively slough away dead skin cells! You may likewise mix it with some brown sugar and use it to exfoliate your face. Simply massage the mixture into your face, let it stand for about ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. With constant use, you’ll notice that your fine lines are becoming less noticeable and that your skin is taking on a healthier, more radiant glow. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, why don’t you try it to see how good it works? You will love it, that’s for sure!

It can be used for nail and cuticle care. Do you have dry, brittle nails and cuticle? Do you have soft nails that you definitely want to toughen? Or do you simply want to make your nails grow faster? While there may be a lot of over-the-counter remedies that can help you with this problem, you can also use olive oil to do the trick.

To treat brittle nails, heat about ¼ cup of olive oil in the microwave and mix in a capsule of vitamin E into it as soon as it cools down a bit. Massage onto brittle nails to strengthen and nourish them. However, if you want to toughen soft nails, you may want to try this recipe instead. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with one tablespoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of honey and one half cup of shelled walnuts to form a paste. Massage the mixture into your nails twice a week and you’ll be satisfied with the results!

You can use it as a makeup remover. Have you tried using olive oil as a makeup remover? Well, you must. It effectively removes light makeup while keeping your skin moisturized. Wouldn’t you just love that?

So, how does olive oil manage to accomplish all of these? What makes it an effective all-around beauty treatment? Well, the answer is really quite simple. Olive oil contains significant amounts of vitamins A and E and a number of polyphenolic compounds which are considered vital for repairing and renewing damaged skin at the cellular level. As such, you can be sure that by using olive oil as a part of your daily beauty regimen, you are addressing the root cause of your skin problems and not just masking them on the surface.

Now, do you honestly think that these olive oil skin care tips can help you solve your skin and beauty problems? Well, it’s about time you try finding this out for yourself!

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