There are many valuable books on the Mediterranean diet. Some a little more valuable than others. Many of the older books drill down into a particular area of the diet and tend to be focussed on that one issue. Having said that, the diet is continuously being researched by notable universities and research institutes as a result of the ever increasing and impressive findings.

One down-loadable guide which has become popular due to it’s flexible approach to the diet, covers a large general area of the Mediterranean diet and also includes comparisons to other diets. In addition, it is packaged with a diet plan for 28 days, allowing the user to become familiar with the diet recipes and structure. One more thing, it highlights misconceptions about health diets and losing weight in an acceptable and healthy manner. This particular guide is often referred to as the Mediterranean diet eBook. You can get your copy via the button below.

It has earned it’s generic name because it has simply introduced many followers to the Mediterranean diet guidelines and they have from there, moved on to more sophisticated recipes and cooking adventures within the same realms.

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