Getting fit and in shape is difficult and can sometimes get very complicated. Despite this complexity, getting in shape and planning a healthy diet actually all boils down to two aspects: diet and exercise. You need to keep a healthy diet and practice proper exercise.

Isn’t it amazing how something so complex like getting fit can be simplified by just two things? Well, that’s because these two simple categories aren’t as simple as it seems. They are just as complicated! At least at first glance.

For many years debate has ensued on what the best strategies are when it comes to living healthier and looking better. There are a lot of theories on different exercise habits and gym memberships have increased rapidly over the past few years.

But even more controversial than exercising are the diets. Everyday, there just seems to be more get-slim-fast diets being discovered and published for the public. Although there are some healthy diets here and there (you have to separate the wheat from the chaff!), the fact still remains that we are all unique and our bodies react differently to a diet or a type of food.

The question of which ones work efficiently for you is still a matter of debate. So, how do we plan a healthy diet?

Then again, there are some healthy diets, like the Mediterranean diet, that has proven to be more than just a fad or trend. It has been even more well recognised since the 1950s- evidently, it has stood the test of time.

Now, if you are a Mediterranean diet or a healthy diet newbie, I’m sure you’re having a hard time maintaining it. But you know? There are three simple steps to make sure that you stick to your new-found healthy diet.

Three Steps to a Healthy Diet

Simplify and Relax. A calorie counter? Well, you know what, put away your calculator and stop being obsessed with the amount of calories you take in. Instead, focus on your food’s color, smell and taste. Use your senses! The Mediterranean diet is all about freshness. Freshness is something you can see, smell and taste.

Slow and Steady. If you think that a healthy diet can be achieved overnight, you’re wrong. That’s simply unrealistic and is actually quite dangerous- health wise. When you decide and announce to the world that you will be changing your diet all at once, that would lead to two things: cheating on the diet or giving it up entirely.

You need to take baby steps! Small changes like, for example, adding a salad to your meal or switching from butter to olive oil for cooking would do wonders for you. Eventually, eating healthier will become a habit for you. You would then consciously and unconsciously pick out healthier choices. You will be keeping a healthy diet.

Be Healthy but Indulge.  Now, just because you have a new healthy diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the occasional fudge sundae or a bar of chocolate! A healthy diet isn’t about depriving yourself from the food that you enjoy. Remember, a healthy diet is about feeling and looking good- long term.

Tips to Keep Your Healthy Diet

The secret to successfully keeping a healthy diet is to have great planning skills. Granted, planning doesn’t guarantee action, but if you have a clear plan, the difficult task of sticking with a healthy diet just became easier.

Besides, if you have a kitchen that’s stocked with ingredients for a healthy meal or other healthy snacks, well, you won’t have a choice but eat healthier, right?

1. Plan a weekly meal plan. This way, you’d be sure to eat healthy food and it would really decrease the chances of you eating out or having something unhealthy delivered to you.

2. Research and pick different healthy dishes. A meal schedule is really a great way to ensure that you will be keeping a healthy diet.

3. If possible, cook ahead of time. Cook one healthy dish, freeze it and set aside for another night. This saves time and money.

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I hope the above has been of some help to you,

Ray Baker