The Amazing Mediterranean DietWelcome to our modern quick-fix culture. We want a solution for everything, it has to come in a box, it has to be operated with a single push-button, and it has to work miracles. The desire for quick fixes is nowhere more apparent than in our infatuation with diet pills. Taking diet pills does seem to be the quick fix to helping obese persons lose weight, but you have to weigh these benefits with the potential dangers of taking diet pills.

One of the things to look out for is dangerous side effects and drug interactions. Some prescription diet drugs are notably strong, producing possible side effects which can be very serious in nature. Most commonly, the side effects of diet pills will include dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, upset stomach and constipation.

The effects may be harmless for just the diet pills, but will quickly multiply in interactions with other drugs. Particularly anti-depressants which seem to have interaction issues with diet pills.

There is also the potential of diet pills to disrupt regular metabolism. Since the main purpose of most prescription diet drugs is to suppress appetite, the person taking diet pills may find themselves consuming far fewer calories than normal. On the surface of things, this is good for losing weight but ultimately will lead to your natural metabolism to slow down. When your natural metabolism slows down, the rate at which you lose weight slows down right along with it.

This last reason is why people who take diet drugs find they only lose so much weight before the pills lose their effectiveness. And then of course they stop taking them, and their appetite goes back up but now they’re gaining the weight back more quickly. This leads to the practice known as “yo-yo dieting”, and is worse for the body’s health than never having tampered with the weight in the first place.

Finally, there is the potential for becoming dependent on the diet pills. Some prescription diet pills are based on stimulants and tend to be abused by patients. Just as with any other strong medication, this abuse can lead to dependence. Make sure to consider this if you are taking a diet prescription that has been shown to be habit-forming. You should find out what signs you should look for to indicate if you are having a problem. The kinds of signs you should watch for are typical for most stimulants as well. Diet pills can even mirror the effects of methamphetamines.

Last, you should consider diet pills only as a last resort. They have their place, of course, but they are better used at a doctor’s recommendation. Instead of taking diet pills, you might find ways to change your lifestyle to help you lose weight. Regular exercise, changing food choices, and regular check-ups with your doctor will always be the preferred ways to increase your weight loss success.

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Get well and stay well,
Ray Baker.