3 Important Effects of the Mediterranean DietA Look at Research into the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Significant research studies have been undertaken since 1970 designed to isolate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet scheme. While the research into the possible benefits of the Mediterranean diet is ongoing and not yet complete, scientists, researchers and nutritionists from around the globe have concluded from their extensive research that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial on a number of levels:

1. Reducing the incidence of certain diseases

2. Increasing longevity

3. Providing for an overall healthier lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet and Disease Risk Reduction

Over the course of the past thirty years, a significant amount of research has been undertaken to consider the possibility that the Mediterranean diet might be useful in lowering the incidence of certain types of diseases. A number of significant studies have been undertaken in this regard, including research that has included an analysis of the dining habits in people in different countries around the world over time.

These studies initially were motivated by the fact that the people who populate the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea tended to have lower incidents of different types of serious diseases that are on the increase in many different countries around the world. In this regard, researchers wanted to determine whether the reason the people of the Mediterranean region seemed to enjoy better health was environmentally driven or the result of their particular diet regimens.

These studies have demonstrated that Mediterranean diet appears to be effective in lowering the incidence of certain types of diseases:

1. Cancer (including breast cancer and colorectal cancer)

2. Coronary Disease

3. Other Cardiovascular Disease

4. Hypertension

The Mediterranean Diet and Increased Longevity

Of course, it goes without saying that if a person is able to reduce the risks of certain diseases through his or her diet, that person has a far better chance of living a longer life. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the substantial benefits of the Mediterranean diet have a cumulative effect on and for the human body.

What this means is that the longer a person follows the dining practices of the peoples of the Mediterranean region, the more ingrained the benefits of the diet become within the body. In simple terms, by utilizing and practicing the Mediterranean diet over time, a person will enjoy lasting benefits that will prolong his or her life.

By way of example, one might consider the negative consequences of smoking. If you elect to smoke cigarettes over a long period of time, you will cause irreparable harm to your body. Conversely, if you diligently follow the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet over time, your body will enjoy definitive and lasting benefits that will include good health and a longer life.

The Mediterranean Diet and Your General Health

Research has demonstrated that people who follow the Mediterranean diet are afflicted with fewer minor ailments such as colds and the flu than are their counterparts who follow other types of dining routines. In short, and on many levels, research over the course of three decades that people who follow a Mediterranean diet are afflicted with fewer illnesses, have more energy and suffer from the effects of being overweight or obese far less often than people who utilized other dietary practices.


In summary, research suggests that the Mediterranean diet can provide you with solid and lasting benefits on three crucial fronts:

1. Lowering the risks of serious diseases and ailments

2. Adding years to your life

3. Keeping you healthy on a day to day basis

Any one of these tremendous benefits warrants a person taking a close look at adopting the Mediterranean diet regimen into his or her daily routine.

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