The Mediterranean Diet is Good for Men for 3 Good ReasonsOne of the primary concerns of a growing number of men the world over is finding a diet and exercise plan that will assist in ensuring that they are in optimal health. In recent years, a significant number of men have found themselves attracted to the Mediterranean diet. These men have come to learn that the Mediterranean is a solid choice for assisting them in developing a comprehensive regimen for health living.

There are a number of reasons why the Mediterranean diet is proving itself to be good for men of all ages.

1. The Mediterranean Diet Reduces the Risks of Some Serious Diseases

Over the course of the past thirty years, a number of research studies have been conducted pertaining to the Mediterranean diet regimen. These studies have produced results that demonstrate that the Mediterranean diet can prove effective in reducing the incidence of a number of serious diseases and ailments in men.

The diseases in men that the Mediterranean diet appears to help prevent include:

— cancer

— heart and cardiovascular disease

— hypertension

— gallstones

— stroke

— diabetes

2. The Mediterranean Diet is Effective in Helping Men Reach and Keep an Ideal Weight

Many men are confronting problems related with being overweight and obesity. Indeed, in some countries, obesity is becoming the number one health concern amongst men of all ages.

Because the Mediterranean diet includes the consumption of generous portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, the diet can be very effective in assisting a man in bringing his weight down do a healthy, ideal level.

In addition to assisting men in fighting obesity and bringing their weight down to a healthy level, the Mediterranean diet is effective in aiding men to maintain a healthy weight over time. While it is one thing for a person to be able to lose weight, it is a completely different challenge for a man to be able to keep weight off over the long term. The Mediterranean diet has proven itself time and again as being a solid dietary program through which a person can maintain a healthy weight.

3. The Mediterranean Diet — Adding Years to a Man’s Life

Throughout history, the males who have populated the region in and around the Mediterranean Sea have been found to live lives longer than their counterparts in other parts of the world. In time, experts in the field of nutrition were able to demonstrate that men in the Mediterranean region lived longer because of their diets.

Scientists and other researchers have been able to demonstrate that there are positive, cumulative effects associated with the Mediterranean diet. In other words, by utilizing and following the Mediterranean diet over time, a man’s life (in many instances) will be extended. In addition to having the chance to live a longer life because of dietary decisions, a man’s life will be healthier and more robust because of his adherence to the Mediterranean diet scheme.


Over the course of generations, the Mediterranean diet has proven itself an effective means of:

— preventing serious diseases

— maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle

— prolonging life (in a healthy fashion)

As a result, when it comes to a stable, reliable and effective diet program, more and more men the world over are finding themselves turning to and relying upon the Mediterranean diet in the 21st century.

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