Many people today are interested in losing weight to look better. We all want to find an easy weight loss diet and we sometimes (often) pick the wrong type. However, if you want to look and feel better, the Mediterranean Diet is the best easy, weight loss diet to try first.

With all the skinny models grazing the covers of magazines, it is easy to understand why a lot of people look for an easy weight loss diet.

Although there are really some effective easy weight loss diets, we are all prone to immersing ourselves into the wrong type of easy weight loss diet. These are the types of diets that can weaken us and cause some health problems.

Now, trust me, I’ve gone through my fair share of (so called) easy weight loss diet plans but among all these diets, the most effective thus far is the Mediterranean diet.

One of the leading problems in the US today is obesity and many other eating disorders. This is easy to avoid as long as you know how to choose your food and diet wisely.

If you are new to easy weight loss diets, I can tell you right now that there aren’t really any diets that would cause you to “lose this number of pounds in that number of days” or something similar. Well, no safe diets, at least.

Right about now, I could hear you saying “But you said that the Mediterranean Diet plan is an easy weight loss diet.”

That’s true, it really is. But my definition of easy is not measured in terms of days or weeks needed to lose weight. In this case, “easy” pertains to the level of effort that you need to allocate to lose weight.

Ask anyone who has ever tried it, the Mediterranean diet is really easy to maintain and understand (and continue on withy).

Some background:

Just by its name, you would know that the Mediterranean diet is based on the diet of the people living around or near the Mediterranean Sea. Overall, there are 16 countries in this region and all have proven to healthier than most countries.

Studies and statistics have also shown that they live significantly longer than most people. Imagine that? It’s almost as if the Mediterranean diet is the fountain of youth?

The Mediterranean Diet:

The unique thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it isn’t just another easy weight loss diet. In fact, weight loss is just a side effect or by-product of this diet.

A Mediterranean diet is mainly composed of fresh and unprocessed food, so this means that your body won’t be consuming the fats or harmful chemicals from factory-produced and manufactured food.

How it Works:

As mentioned earlier, the Mediterranean diet is only considered by many as an easy weight loss diet because it’s an effortless way to lose weight.

To further prove the effectiveness of a Mediterranean diet when it comes to weight loss, a recent study by Dr. Sharon Orrange, MD shows that the Mediterranean diet offers a three-fold solution to obesity. Aside from being an easy weight loss diet, the Mediterranean diet has been proven to help protect the heart and the brain.

What to Eat:

According to Dr. Orrange MD, to make the Mediterranean diet your very own easy weight loss diet, there are five main points to remember:

1. Use extra virgin oil in meal preparation instead of margarine or butter.

2. Do not eat a meat-only dish or meal

3. Fast foods or junk foods are a big no-no.

4. Avoid or totally refrain from drinking processed drinks like sodas and powdered juice drinks.

5. Manufactured or processed foods must be refrained from – at all times.

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