An equationI don’t know when it started but people are always and constantly looking for more ways to live longer and look younger. There’s the search for the “fountain of youth” and we all know just how wealthy plastic surgeons are becoming. Guess what …a group of researchers found to be one of the best formulas to add years to your life? Well, it’s the Mediterranean diet.

The Study

Now, here are the bare bones about this new discovery: a study from the University of Maastricht from the Netherlands – which lasted a decade- followed the lives of over 120, 000 men and women from 1986 to 1996 and it showed that those who followed the Mediterranean diet (with a couple of more factors) lived up to 15 years longer than those who didn’t.

Now some details: the study analysed the lifestyle of men and women aged 55 to 69 from different countries and it showed that if there are four things that would add up to 15 years for women and eight years for men:

1. The Mediterranean Diet
2. Regular Exercise
3. Not Smoking
4. Keeping a Steady Weight (BMI 18.5-25)

The Mediterranean Diet

We’ve heard it one too many times before, “you are what you eat.” But for some reason, still, a majority of us are trapped in an unhealthy and fatty diet.

The Mediterranean diet has always been very famous for its health and physical benefits. And the recent publication of the University of Maastricht’s research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has made it more popular.

Basically, the Mediterranean diet is about avoiding processed foods and eating fresh foods. Well, that’s a good starting point anyway. If you are a Mediterranean diet newbie, here are six reminders to help you keep up with the

Mediterranean diet

1. Eat plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, etc.)
2. Replace normal oil/butter/margarine with olive oil for cooking
3. Use herbs, spices or extra virgin olive oil to add flavour to food
4. Avoid red meat (or use it in moderation)
5. Add fish and poultry (no skin) to your diet (at least twice a week)
6. Drink a glass of red wine once a day (optional)

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

When you start looking for Mediterranean diet recipes, you would really be surprised as to how enticing these are. They aren’t the typical “diet foods” where it has no taste and you are limited to certain portions or calories.

Of course, the basic rules of dieting still apply with the Mediterranean diet: avoid processed or fast foods, keep meals in small, frequent portions and avoid fatty foods.

For Mediterranean diet recipes, the first rule you really have to remember is to keep things fresh. Pick the freshest ingredients and make sure you stick with extra virgin olive oil – this is a key ingredient.

Olive oil is known to have good effects on helping in controlling and lowering cholesterol. It is helpful in preventing any heart disease too.

It is also recommended to add poultry (in moderation) to your meals and cheeses. Studies have shown that you should eat a maximum of seven eggs a week since it is a good source of nutrients. However, you don’t have to eat that many either.

Now, if you’re big on desserts (like me), don’t worry, you can still keep your favourite part of the meal. Just be sure to stick with fresh fruits or salads mostly. A good idea is to slice up some fresh fruits and top it with honey.

You can get started with these hand selected (by yours truly) traditional Mediterranean diet recipes or you can do nothing. I’ll leave it up to you 🙂

I hope this article has been of interest or some help.

Ray Baker
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