Recently, doctors, researchers, scientists and nutritionists have taken a close look at the Mediterranean diet. Nearly universally, these experts and professionals have come away from their examination of the Mediterranean diet with positive perceptions of the dieting scheme.

There are a number of reasons why experts of all sorts — from doctors to researchers to nutritionists — look favorable upon the Mediterranean diet regimen. By considering the benefits of the Mediterranean diet that have been identified by experts, you will be able to better determine if the Mediterranean diet is right for you.

1. Low in Saturated Fat

On the surface, a person giving only a cursory review of the Mediterranean diet might conclude that it is not a healthy diet plan because it is “high in fat”. Concluding that the Mediterranean diet is high if fat and harmful is an erroneous conclusion.

While it is true that the Mediterranean diet does derive a significant percentage of its calories from fat (around thirty percent daily in most instances), the calories come primarily from olive oil and consist of unsaturated fats. In other words, being low in saturated fat, doctors are recommending the Mediterranean diet for their patients.

2. A Plentiful Array of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Doctors are recommending that their patients eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the course of the day. Many of these same doctors are turning to the Mediterranean diet because as a matter of routine people who follow this diet program are eating more than the minimum recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, rather than using processed fruits and vegetables, the Mediterranean diet features an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Low in Red Meat

Many doctors can be found encouraging their patients to limit the amount of red meat that they include in their diets. Limiting red meat in a diet can assist in lowering the levels of “bad cholesterol”, helping to reduce the indigence of heart disease and some cancers.

4. Low in Fatty Dairy Products

Another reason that doctors favor the Mediterranean diet is found in the fact that the diet plan is low in the consumption of fatty dairy products. More and more doctors are encouraging their patients to use only low fat or non fat dairy products. People who follow the Mediterranean diet actually use very little dairy on a day to day basis. For example, a heavy egg eater on the Mediterranean diet eats for eggs a week. Many do not eat eggs at all.

In addition, milk is used within the diet in limited fashion. Heavy creams and sauces are not on the Mediterranean menu at all.

5. Helpful in Preventing Diseases

One of the primary reasons that doctors recommend the Mediterranean diet for their patients rests in the fact that the diet program has been demonstrated as being helpful in reducing the risks of certain diseases, including:

— cancer

— heart disease

— cardiovascular disease

— hypertension

— diabetes

— obesity

6. A Ready Source of Fiber and Whole Grain

Finally, doctors recommend the Mediterranean diet for their patients because it is high in dietary fiber and whole grains. Both fiber and whole grains have proven important in preventing disease and in maintaining an overall sense of wellness and good health.

I hope this has been of some interest or help to you,

Ray Baker