What a Mediterranean Diet Menu Should Look Like

From what you’ve heard, a Mediterranean diet holds the power to fight the so-called prosperity diseases (think obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease). It’s even used now for weight control.

So what does a Mediterranean diet menu look like?


In Italy, the diet involves about four courses, namely antipasto, primo, secondo and dessert. You are allowed to skip the antipasto and the dessert since they are optional. But you do want to have the complete meal for a more satisfying experience.


Antipasto, or ‘before the meal, is the first course in traditional Italian meals. This serving signifies the beginning of the meal. The antipasto features a central plate and many small plates offered to each diner. Traditional offerings consist of marinated vegetables, cured meats, pepperoni, olives, bruschetta and anchovies. Top off the serving with olive oil and you got yourself a luscious Italian appetizer.


Primo, or the first course, is the part where you get a healthy dose of carbohydrates. This course consists of a dish of pasta or risotto (a form of rice). True Italian cuisine lovers will have a problem with this part of the menu though. Do not be Pastasurprised to find restaurants claiming to serve Italian dishes but would give you a pasta dish that has too many ingredients in it; you’d have difficulty believing that it’s authentic.

You are also likely to get a taste of feta cheese which is Greek, Italian. You know what’s even more alarming? They put chicken in it. Have you ever heard of any decent Italian who puts chicken in a pasta dish?


Secondo, or second course, is what gives you your all-too-important protein. This is the part where you get your dose of fish or meat. They are usually prepared in a simple form, mostly grilled. The second course may also come with contorni or side dishes like vegetables, potatoes and salad.


Dessert is mostly made up of fresh fruits.


Good for Your Diet?

Now you must be wondering how this splendid cuisine made up of four courses could be good for your diet. Well, it’s all about ‘portions’ and choosing the right food. You must have already noticed how portions in America tend to be rather enormous. There’s hardly anybody who doesn’t go supersize with their soda. Now, the fact so many Americans are going supersize with their figure should not be such a mystery anymore.

But who’s to blame? Who can resist an offer of going supersize with the addition of only a few cents? Restaurants even include a supersize refill in the package! You definitely have to muster all the temperance you’ve have to say no to this kind of deal. Maybe this piece of information could help’”every 12 ounce soda is equivalent to 150 calories and 11 tsp. sugar. That should be scary enough, right?

Simply bear in mind that many restaurants are your enemies. They are after your money and they don’t care if you don’t fit in your trousers anymore or if you die of a heart attack. You go full size; you pay a little more and gain much more (calories, that is).Apple

The Mediterranean diet, on the other hand, is about small portions. But who’s complaining?

There is, after all, a wide range of courses with delightful taste all in one meal. And it’s great how Italian cooking subscribes to simplicity. There aren’t too many ingredients. It’s all about sticking to the basics so that you get a good taste of the ingredients and inherent flavors. With Mediterranean diet menus, you get exquisite foods plus good health and a great looking figure! Now who would say no to that?

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Get well and stay well,

Ray Baker