Eating and Exercising Your Way to a Healthy Life

If you are interested in developing a diet and exercise plan that will either assist you in losing weight or that will work to aid you in maintaining a healthy, close to ideal weight, the Mediterranean Diet and regular exercise routine can go far towards assisting you in meeting your important goals. A person who is interested in either losing weight in a healthy manner or who is interested in avoiding gaining unnecessary weight and staying in good, sound condition, needs to appreciate that there are no quick fixes.In this day and age, the airways, the Internet and print publications are filled with adverts for countless fad diet plans and programs promising quick results — quick fixes.

More often than not, while these fad diet plans may allow for a fast weight loss at the outset (which is not necessarily a healthy effect), over time the weight does not stay off and a person may very well end up worse off than he or she was at the outset.

When it comes to appropriate and lasting weight loss and ideal weight maintenance, you need to develop a plan of healthy living that includes adopting an eating routine like that offered through the Mediterranean diet. In addition, as a necessary companion to a proper diet, you must incorporate regular exercise into your daily life.

Four Common Responses to Diet and Exercise

When the interrelationship between diet and exercised are mentioned, people tend to have one of four different responses:

1. Some people simply do nothing in regard to bettering their eating habits and engaging in an exercise routine. They essentially are wishing their weight problems away.

2. Other men and women snag onto a fad diet but do not exercise.

3. Still others embark on a frantic workout program but do nothing to alter their eating habits towards a more healthy routine.

4. Finally, there are people who understand the necessary interrelationship between diet and exercise. These men and women create a coordinated approach that includes a dietary regimen like that offered by the Mediterranean diet and a regular work out routine that includes a variety of necessary exercise routines.

Three Elements of a Vital Exercise Regimen

A well developed exercise program that will compliment the Mediterranean diet consists of three different components:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength training
  • Stretching

Aerobic exercise is important in conditioning the heart and contributing to an overall sense of wellness.

Strength training assists you in working your body into a generally healthy status. Through strength training, you develop more stamina and a better ability to effectively use the food your consume throughout the day.

Stretching works to ensure that your body remains limber — not only during your workout routines, but throughout the day. A limber body is less inclined to be injured.


By understanding and capitalizing upon the interrelationship between a healthy diet — such as the Mediterranean diet — and regular, comprehensive exercise, a person will be well on his or her way towards a healthy and long life.

Keep well,

Ray Baker