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Healthy Mediterranean Diet Lamb Recipes

Did you know that there are some herbs and spices that go particularly well with Mediterranean diet lamb recipes? By using the right Mediterranean herbs and spices in preparing all those healthy lamb recipes, you can definitely bring out the best in your cooking. As an added bonus, you will also get valuable health benefits […]
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Three Mediterranean Diet Desserts for Women On-the-Go

When you are in a diet, it is almost impossible to find “desserts” anywhere in a diet meal plan. And in the rare moments that you will find some desserts, they are usually really bland and well, not very tasty.
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A Mediterranean Diet and Athletes

Just a few days ago, two fencing coaches from New York traveled to Naples, Italy to start their Mediterranean Diet study and how it affects the overall performance of athletes. It was a six month long study and its focus is to promote the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to athletes and how much more beneficial it is than fast food.
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Mediterranean Diet Recipes Club

Mediterranean diet recipesSome would argue the only reason they prefer Mediterranean diet recipes over others is purely for taste reasons. To those people I hasten to add that there is more to this cullinary delight than how it tastes! For the sake of knowledge alone I would urge you to download the FREE report and watch the video which highlights much of the research undertaken on the diet over the last decade in ten pages. If you're quick, you can also register for the Mediterranean diet recipes club too.
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Tuna Salad Recipe (special)

A fine tuna salad recipe from Greece, home of some of the more original Mediterranean diet recipes. This recipe is perhaps a little different to what you may first have thought. Never the less, it's YUM! This recipe is often accommodated with wine tasting celebrations over the winter periods in Greece. It is a little more involved than the title leads you to believe but it's really something special and is often regarded as a taste sensation considering it's a salad.
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Tzatziki (a Greek appetizer)..Yum!

Tzatziki is traditionally served as an appetizer and can be left out as an accompaniment to any meal. The key to great tzatziki is the thick creamy texture that allows it to be eaten alone, as a dip, or a spread. It is really tasty and is highly recommended for all ages. Did I mention it is soooo easy to prepare too?
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Mediterranean Style Cod and Tomatoes

Provides a Mediterranean diet recipe for Cod and tomato salad. This is not only really tasty but it is choc-a-bloc with nutrition. You really have to taste this to believe it. It is not a meal for refrigerating and eating later. It is best served fresh and immediately after preparation. Mediterranean style cod and tomato is a common dish which is popular in several countries across the Mediterranean region. This has come about because of its ease and speed of preparation and its tasty flavour.
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"This Mediterranean Diet is Oh So Tasty!"