8 Mediterranean Reports

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  2. MedDiet – Disease Prevention
  3. MedDiet – Exercise from Home
  4. MedDiet – Exercise Report
  5. MedDiet – Food Report
  6. MedDiet – TasteBuds Report
  7. Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Report
  8. Walking – Report

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is based on what people traditionally eat in the Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy. Initially theorized in the 50s as a way to eat well and reduce cholesterol levels by the Seven Countries Study, interest in the diet and its benefits heightened in the 90s when formal studies were taken to determine its e”cacy.

It has since been determined that not all Mediterranean diets are healthy2-8, but the foods most readily eaten and available in each country are similar in nature. The Mediterranean Diet we are discussing here and that has been heavily researched and debated in the popular media is distinguished by the following foods: cereals (50%), legumes and nuts (5%), !sh (1.6-2%), extra virgin olive oil (15%), fresh fruit (2%), vegetables (5- 7%), red wine (5%) and generous amounts of antioxidant herbs and spices. Coupled with moderate physical activity, the Mediterranean Diet is nutritious and is plentiful in dietary components that reduce the risk of a
heart attack

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