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You Don’t Need Fad Diets to Be Healthy and Lose Weight!

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You Don’t Need Fad Diets to Be Healthy and Lose Weight!

Watch This Brief, Helpful Video!

The Mediterranean Diet eBook


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Here’s an overview of what the Mediterranean cuisine actually is and how it can help you.


The Mediterranean diet is neither man made nor does it comprise of pharmaceuticals or come in the form of a tablet.


The continuously researched and traditional Mediterranean cuisine has been verified by Universities and Research Institutes across the Globe for providing mankind with many and varied health benefits. I’ve listed some below.



The Mediterranean diet has been verified as reducing the risk of Alzheimers and other types of Dementia through research at the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimers and the Aging Brain at the Medical Centre at Columbia University.


Weight Control

Weight management has also been identified as a positive outcome by practicing a Mediterranean form of food preparation. Studies performed at Navarra University indicate the diet can reduce the body fat of people undertaking the cuisine. The research was over three years and monitored people at risk of heart disease to the number of 1,055 individuals.



Professor Campbell found in a study that the longer a person continues the use of the Mediterranean cuisine the less the chance of developing Osteoporosis. It appears that high antioxidant levels are responsible for this based on later studies.



A study which ran for four years, resulted in 44% of people consuming a Mediterranean style of consumption required diabetes medication for blood sugar issues in comparison to 70% of individuals who practiced a low-fat style of eating. The Mediterranean research group ended up with better blood sugar (glycemic) management and were unlikely to require further medication for diabetes to reach healthier blood sugar levels. It was one of the longest studies of its type undertaken. Katherine Esposito, MD (from Second University, Naples) said that intervention lifestyle consumption should never be ignored and the results of the study reinforce their importance.



Athens University Medical Centre professors discovered there was a direct link when it comes to diets and cancer issues. Less incidence of cancer was found in people who consumed a traditional Mediterranean recipes lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Diet eBook


Plus an optional extra, exclusively available with our eBook.

Dear Ray – Very informative ebook! I wasn’t expecting all the recipes as well. This has made it pretty easy for me to carry this out. I’m already feeling better just reading the content. I’ve also lost a bit of weight but my friends might read this, so I won’t say how much. What I like about this Mediterranean diet is I don’t have to feel hungry! If you have a newsletter, will you put me on the list please.

Michelle Cohen

Chicago, USA

This is an impressive eBook – I wish I’d found this earlier. I like it cause its thorough and the recipes are good fun. I like the fact you can choose recipes from breakfast, lunch or dinner if you’re in a hurry. My partner likes them too! We keep going to parties and things so I’ve only lost 7 pounds so far (3 weeks) but I ‘ve decided to exercise now too and try a little harder not to eat silly things when we go out.

Rebecca Grey

London, UK

This ebook makes so much sense! I like the recipes package even more! You were right to say that you will feel a lot better if you stay with a healthy diet. I’m taking my time and my skin looks great. Better now than I can even remember. I don’t like exercise much but I feel so good with this food and recipes that I constantly feel like getting out and about. I don’t seem to get as tired any more. I’ve lost 19 pounds but I’ve still got heaps to go! Some of my friends wanted your website address so I gave it to them. I’d like to give you my sincere thanks!

Margaret Hamilton


Hi, We just bought your ebook. We haven’t had it long enough to say if it works or not, but I’m impressed with the research and comparisons to other diets, one comparison in particular. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know I am already impressed. I’m pleased I went with your ebook and not another one I was looking at. It seems to cover so much ground! Can I still get the discount on the Trial Recipes? I should have done it earlier but was in a hurry!

Samantha and John King


The Mediterranean Diet eBook


Plus an optional extra, exclusively available with our eBook.

Part 1

The Only Healthy Weight Management “Cuisine”

– The History of Mediterranean Food

Part 2

Components of the Mediterranean Diet

– Food from Plant Sources

– Heart Healthy Olive Oil

– Sparse Use of Meat and Eggs

– The Mediterranean Food Pyramid

– A Sampling of Typical Recipes

Part 3

Achieving an Active Life Style

– The Benefits of Exercise

– Types of Exercise

– How Often Should You Exercise?

– Simple Cardiovascular Exercises

– Simple Strength Training Exercises

– Avoiding Fatigue and Dehydration

– The Activity and Recovery Cycle

Part 4

How to Lose Weight

– Is weight an issue for you?

– What Is Your Healthy Weight?

– Lousy Reasons to Drop in Weight

– Wonderful Reasons to Discard Weight

– How Obesity Affects Your Health

– Death and Mortality Rates

– Complications of Pregnancy

– Children and Adolescents

– The Responsibility of Self Care

Part 5

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work?

Part 6

Preparing For Life Style Change

– Consulting a Physician

– Prescription Pills to Avoid

Part 7

Life Style Change Maintenance

– Vitamin and Mineral Packed Foods

– Drink Half Your Weight in Water a Day

– Top 10 Foods to Choose

– Top 10 Foods to Avoid

– Top Thirty Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

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The Mediterranean Diet eBook


Plus an optional extra, exclusively available with our eBook.