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A helpful collection of articles, guides, reviews and news for people looking to lose weight or a healthier way of life with a Mediterranean Diet. Articles and tutorials are regularly added to this site so it may be in your interest to join the newsletter … only if you’d like to be kept informed.
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I wasn’t really expecting this to be so informative. I’ve even learned things about the Med Diet I hadn’t thought of.
Thx for the recipes package too! That’s got me back in the kitchen with a glass of red wine nearly every day ha ha 

Denise Sweden

Med Diet fan

Well, I’m impressed! I hadn’t realised there were soooo many recipes to choose from and nearly every second recipe is something I like. It’s making it hard to choose what to have next. 🙂 Love the desserts btw!

Steve Lee

This has been the best find! Even the older chefs in our commercial kitchen prefer many of these recipes to their own. Wyan Petro

Apprentice Chef, New Recipes

Why Us?


Everday Something New

There’s plenty of free Mediterranean diet information here to read up on before you even think about buying anything. Go on, have fun!

Exceptional Food

The Mediterranean cuisine is so vast that there’s always plenty of wonderful tastes to suit any palet!


Easy Recipe Preparation

If you join the Recipes Club – you’ll find you’ll never run out of Mediterranean recipes for any occasion even the the low ket 10-15 preparation recipes for friends who drop in unannounced.


Highly Responsive Chefs

This is not just for those who are qualified chefs, it is also for the people who don’t cook very often but love taste sensations!


24/7 Support Availability

If you do have to contact us there is easy access at the bottom of every page. Simply follow the instructions and someone will always get back to you within 24 hours.


Accessible Ingredients

In most cases the ingredients are accessible in all Western countries and the Middle East, but once in awhile you’ll come across a name of a vegetable which may differ to what you’re accustomed to ie. Aubergine means Eggplant in Australia.