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It has come to my attention that some subcribers have Mediterranean cuisine experience or knowledge, perhaps you are one of them or have lots of Mediterranean diet research experience. Moreover, here’s where YOU can benefit if you have a website, Mediterranean diet knowledge or even if you don’t have a website. For those who have a closely related website, I will place your link at the end of the article so you receive traffic for your efforts. This site receives several hundred visitors per day by the way.

Everyone likes to learn something new and anyone who enjoys the Mediterranean diet, wants to know the best tips and techniques that are available to stay in front. The funny thing is, most of the people that read my website usually have some knowledge about dieting i.e. tips, experiences, techniques etc. which can help someone else but it’s not being realized. You will be contributing to other people’s knowledge and can be seen as an authority on the subject you specialize in.

How To submit Your Article.

Please send your mediterranean diet articles to the email address below

medi AT homeofebooks DOT com (without the spaces)

In your email please include your name and website url if you have one and write a short bio about yourself which includes your expertise, knowledge and experience (all related to teh Mediterranean diet of course, authorities such as researchers, professors and doctors are welcome).

Create your article in a word document and attach the document to your email.

Your article cannot be less than 600 words. That’s not a lot when you think that it will be  helping others learn something new. The better articles are between 600 – 800 words.

If you have a web site please include the link to your website. My site receives hundreds of visitors per day so it’s definitely worth your while to include a link to your website if you have one.

Please include images images in your article  just make sure they are related  and you don’t supply anymore then 2, please optimize them for the web. The must be royalty free and  legally aquired for reproduction. We will position them as best we can within the article.

The Rules

  1. You can contribute as many quality articles as you like as long as they are original and NOT duplicates of something else. They must not be on the internet anywhere else.
  2. We reserve the right to reject an article if we think it does not fit within the theme of the site. No pornography please. Children also visit this site now and then.
  3. It must be about the Mediterranean diet and intended to contribute helpful knowledge.
  4. Once again, it must be original – strictly no duplicates or plagiarized content please.
  5. It cannot be less than 600 words per article.
  6. Your article will be human edited for grammar and spelling accuracy where applicable
  7. You must provide at least one image in jpg format. You can also provide as many as three images.

REMEMBER: You don’t have to have a website. If you simply want to contribute your tips and techniques, feel free to do so. Everyone will appreciate your efforts.

Share some knowledge and contribute to your peers. This site will be here for a very, very long time and your contribution will too!

This benefits everyone.
Happy Writing.

P.S. We don’t practice link exchange nor do we sell links, so please refrain from making offers in relation to these activities. Furthermore, we strongly disapprove of spam emails and report spam to in all cases. So think carefully if you intend spamming this site.