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Full Flavored Foods Help You Lose Weight

For everyone who’s been on a diet themselves or knows someone who’s been on a diet, you know how bland the food can be sometimes. With foods like rice cakes its no secret why you lose weight, if the foods taste like carboard.

For everyone who’s had this experience there is hope. You should look at the Mediterranean Diet. It’s not a new fad or quick weight loss scheme, in fact its been around for hundreds of years. However, it’s taken science that long to figure out what it was and why it works. The Mediterranean is a diverse region that is made up of 16 countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Countries like Spain, Southern Italy and Greece have diverse and different cultures. While the foods are different on a nutritional level, they share many similarities. They contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Wine is consumed in moderate amounts daily. Eggs are consumed in moderate amounts, and foods like poultry, fish and dairy are consumed on a limited basis.

However, as many nutritionists and scientists are discovering one of the keys to the Mediterranean diet is the oils. Plant based oils are extensively used throughout the region, with olive oil being the most popular.

Olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat, which means it’s good for the body and does things like lower your cholesterol. Due to the rich fats in the foods and those used in the cooking the foods of the region are known for the full rich textures and flavors that they have. In fact it’s these fats which give the foods a luxurious “mouth feel”.

However, eating foods rich in fats is not without some sacrifices, as fats have more than double the amount of calories of similarly sized portions of protein or carbohydrates. Learning to manage and control your portions is a key aspect of anybody who wants to follow the Mediterranean Diet.

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How to Lose Weight Safely With A Mediterranean Diet

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